GAVROCHE MAGAZINE: "The book, very well documented, reveals many aspects of contemporary Thai society. (GAVROCHE magazine April 2013). Thai Magic Tattoos, The Art and Influence of Sak Yant, has nothing to do with coffee table books that are browsed quickly and say very little about the subject in depth, no matter how complex. The authors have decided to surround themselves with the best specialists in the field. But also to intensely interview local people about their own vision. Three years of work between Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia and Singapore during which they had the opportunity to speak with ten of the most recognized and respected tattoo artists in the region and fifty Sak Yant bearers(Sak meaning "tattoo " and  Yant  " religious prayer ")."


Yogi Kalki Simon: "Congratulations on an amazing masterpiece of a real Good book. You explain a world of magic that is in plain sight, and found in the most ancient antiquites of every race, nation & creed. You portray with superb photographic art, and interviews, ancient Thai Brahmanism, Animism & Buddhism in Sak Yant Belief, in an easy to understand way. Basically Sak Yants (sacred tattoos) give your a super placibo effect through Yantra (symbols of power) Mantra (words of power). We are what we think. Please believe me when I say "Sak Yant" is life changing. (I know through experience) My facebook shows the power of Power Affirmations & Pictures, which I have used for the Goodness of this Paradise Planet we all share. Thank you for your Great Gift, I will recomend to All."


Maliwan : "The book is beautifully photographed, and people’s stories are amazing. Now, I have a pretty good idea on why some people are fun of tattoos. A perfect balance of pictures and reading, if you love tattoos, this book is a must-have."

Monique Guittard " I read it straight through, and I can say that it gave me an appreciation of how beliefs may transform lives and why tattoos may be considered magic. I appreciate the quality of the detailed black- and- white photographs."

Isaxar : "Excellent book. MUST read. Very interesting and detailed informations about this old Thai ritual."



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